Three-day training session 2012**

The INESS project launched in October 2008 will be coming to an end in March 2012.

To mark the end of the project, present its results and to assure the long-term success of INESS and the availability of skilled and trained workforce for the implementation of INESS results :

Three-day INESS Free Training session will be held on March 7-9, 2012, UIC Paris**


The main objective of INESS is to define and develop specifications for a new generation of interlocking systems and apply methods and tools capable of reducing LCC and enhance the standardisation process. In the context of the current European policies, it is expected to foster hereby migrations of signalling equipment and support the rollout of ERTMS. The European Commission and the European Railway Associations, together with the Railway Supply Industry, are working closely together to define the efficient migration strategy for ERTMS. This unique co-operation has offered the opportunity to harmonise the functions, architectures, interfaces and connections of the interlocking as a constituent of signalling involved in ERTMS. INESS will therefore support the development of a new generation of interlocking systems with optimal unified conception and interfaces towards adjacent systems such as the ETCS - Radio Block Centre and the outdoor equipment, in particular connecting to the ETCS.

Training objectives

The INESS training programme setup will contain:

  • Explanations on benefits of a common method for describing functionalities to the railway asset managers.
  • Dissemination about the common kernel and explain the advantage for infrastructure managers, industry partners and safety authorities.
  • Explanations on the advantages of using the common kernel in order to convince standardisation bodies to work towards a European standard.
  • A presentation about the Interlocking-RBC interface FFFIS, focusing on the benefits of standard interfaces.
  • A demonstration on advantages for infrastructure managers, industry partners and safety authorities in each country on using the INESS architecture/ interface specifications.
  • Demonstration on the process towards a proposal for a standardised system architecture to standard setting and regulatory bodies, safety authorities and the European Railway Agency.
  • A presentation about the harmonised testing and commissioning of interlockings explaining the advantage for infrastructure managers, industry partners and safety authorities in each country.
  • The use of the work bench in projects.

Who you will meet

  • Railway Infrastructure Managers - Management & Engeneering level
  • Suppliers - Management & Engeneering level
  • Railway operators
  • Industry
  • Data managers and Project managers
  • Procurement department from the European Railways
  • Business development and Financial department from the European industry

INESS Training Programme

INESS Training Programme

INESS Training Programme - Documents

INESS Training Day 1 presentation
INESS Training Day 2 presentation
INESS Training Day 3 presentation
WS F Handbook
GSN-Tool Manual


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Practical Information

Practical information - Training program


How to get to UIC

How to get to UIC

For further information about participating in the Training course please contact :

Maria Lafont

- e-mail : lafont@uic.org
- Tel: (33) 1 44 49 20 24
- Fax: (33) 1 44 49 20 28

** The Training session is FREE. All expenses related to the Training are covered by INESS. Participants will have to cover their own travel, lodging and meal expenses, except for the meals provided during the Training as indicated in the program.

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